Year 6


I’m Mrs Cockley and have been teaching at Abel Smith School for the last 5 years. I really enjoy the challenge of teaching Year 6 and strive to make the curriculum fun and engaging for the children in my class.

In Year 6 we ensure that the children cover varied and interesting topics which support them in their SATs which they will take in May.

We also believe that it is essential that the children are independent and responsible for their own organisation which will prepare them fully for the demands of secondary school.


We welcome your support to:

  • Make sure your child arrives on time to school.
  • Maintain excellent attendance
  • Support your child in ensuring that they are fully equipped for the day.
  • Help your child to take responsibility for completing their school jobs.
  • Check that your child is dressed in the correct school uniform and has a full PE kit in school each day.
  • Hear your child read regularly and write a positive comment in their diary.
  • Provide a quiet space for your child to do their homework and support when necessary.
  • Talk to your child about their day and encourage them to tell you about their learning.
  • To further develop their independence, encourage your child to discuss any worries that they may have about school with me.
  • Support our positive behaviour for learning policy by discussing appropriate behaviour with your child and ways to avoid / deal with confrontation

Year 6 Staff

Mrs A Cockley

  • Senior Leader
  • Teacher

Mrs M Pratt

  • Teaching Assistant


Term: Autumn 2 


Author Celebration

  • Creative writing based on the excellent book, ‘There’s a boy in the girls bathroom’

Narrative Writing

  • SECRET FRIEND – Anti-bullying week link. Writing tasks based on this moving book.


  • Read and evaluate historical recounts and write our own based on a Viking Invasion
  • Write a newspaper report

Classic Fiction – The Hobbit

  • Describe an unusual setting, writing in the style of JRR Tolkien
  • Write own chapters and narrative which follow the story
  • Read and analyse the character of Gollum and create a monstrous character

To create a fictional conversation and introduce a new character through dialogue.


Fractions, decimals and percentages

  • Find non-unit fractions of amounts
  • Write remainders as fractions
  • Add and subtract unit fractions with different denominators
  • Multiply fractions less than 1 by whole numbers, multiply fractions by whole numbers; divide unit and non-unit fractions by whole numbers;
  • Compare and order fractions
  • Relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages

Shape, Space and Measure

Calculate the perimeter, area and volume of shapes, calculate the area of a triangle; find the area of parallelograms; name and describe properties of 3D shapes; find and compare nets for different 3D shapes.

SCIENCE: Living Things and Their Habitat

This unit teaches about the classification of living things, including micro-organisms. The children will build on their work in Year 4 by sorting animals into groups based on their similarities and differences. They will extend their learning to find out about the standard system of classification first developed by Carl Linnaeus. They will learn about micro-organisms, and conduct an investigation into the growth of mould on bread.


TOPIC: The Vikings

The children will learn who the Vikings were as well as when and where they raided and settled. They will learn about significant events from the period and order these  chronologically on a timeline. The children will also have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of everyday Viking life. They will explore the types of houses that the Vikings lived in, what clothes they wore and even what types of food they ate.


This term we will continue to develop skills in writing algorithms as well as editing and debugging existing codes. New skills are introduced to structure code and animate characters and scenes, gradually building to create a short animated story. Some skills will be taught at PGL during our activity week.

RE: Finding out how Buddhists and Christians live their lives

PSHE: Values based teaching based on Team building and Diversity

PE: Circuits and Fitness (Wednesday) & Swimming (Tuesday)

Music: Christmas!

DT: Viking Shields & Viking Ship collages

Current Homework

  • Homework will be given out each Monday and must  be returned on the following Monday morning
  • Homework will consist of: Reading, Spellings, Grammar book & Maths book.
  • In Year 6, children will be tested on their weekly spellings on a Monday
  • Year 6 must have their home learning books in school every day.
  • PE lessons on a Wednesday but we may go out for extra sessions during the week.