Year 6

In Year 6 we believe that it is essential that the children are independent and responsible for their own organisation.


We welcome your support to:

  • Make sure your child arrives on time to school.
  • Maintain excellent attendance
  • Support your child in ensuring that they are fully equipped for the day.
  • Help your child to take responsibility for completing their school jobs.
  • Check that your child is dressed in the correct school uniform and has a full PE kit in school each day.
  • Hear your child read regularly and write a positive comment in their diary.
  • Provide a quiet space for your child to do their homework and support when necessary.
  • Talk to your child about their day and encourage them to tell you about their learning.
  • To further develop their independence, encourage your child to discuss any worries that they may have about school with me.
  • Support our positive behaviour for learning policy by discussing appropriate behaviour with your child and ways to avoid / deal with confrontation


Important dates

  • Wednesday 21st June 4pm – 6pm – District Sports
  • Saturday 1st July – Summer Fair, organised by Year 6. Please speak to Mrs Tranter if you haven’t already signed up to help.
  • Tuesday 4th July 1pm – Sports Day
  • Thursday 6th July 6pm – Open Evening
  • Tuesday 11th July – Rounders Festival @ Chauncy School
  • Thursday 13th July – Moving on Day (Children visit their new schools)
  • Friday 14th July – Reports out to parents
  • Monday 17th July 1pm – Y6 Dress rehearsal
  • Tuesday 18th July 7pm – Y6 Performance of ‘Hoodwinked’
  • Thursday 20th July 6pm – Y6 Picnic with parents (no siblings)
  • Friday 21st July 1.15pm – Y6 Leaver’s Assembly
  • 21st July –  2pm Finish

Year 6 Staff

Mrs A Cockley

  • Senior Leader
  • Teacher

Mrs M Pratt

  • Teaching Assistant




  • After SATs, we have a more relaxed approach to literacy and numeracy while still ensuring that we are preparing pupils fully for the demands of the Secondary Curriculum.
  • Week 1

    Quest stories. Writing our own adventure story.

    Week 2/3/4

    Fiction – The Legend of Robin Hood

    Week 5/6

    Non-Fiction – Writing linked to Mayan’s Topic.




  • Problem solving activities and puzzles.
  • Substitute values into a simple formula to solve problems
  • Calculate with measures including: Mass, length, distance, volume
  • Transition maths puzzles in preparation for secondary school maths lessons.
  • Written arithmetic

    Investigating how the Maya used numbers in everyday life

  • Calculate using fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Recognise the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages


    • That electrical components can be represented by symbols
    • How to construct and repair different circuits
    • How the length of the wire affects the brightness of a bulb
    • How does the number of cells affect the circuit?
    • About the difference between series and parallel circuits
    • How electricity is used in the real world.


    + Sex Education. More details to follow.

  • This term we will be working on a class project to design and make our Yearbook to celebrate your time at Abel Smith School. To create this project, we will need lots of photos from your time at school so start digging out your snaps!
    • Discover facts about the Mayan Civilisation.
    • To consider similarities and differences between ancient religions and different religions today.
    • To look at the characteristics of Maya gods and design your own.
    • To look at the Maya number system.
    • To find out what Maya people grew and ate.

    •           To find out what we know about the Maya from the drawings of Frederick Catherwood.

  • How do Christians and Buddhists express their faith in art, drama and song?
  • Why do people of faith use art, drama and song to enrich their religious experience?


  • Athletics
  • Rounders
  • Cricket
  • Songs in preparation for our performance of Hoodwinked
Art & DT
  • Linked to our performance of ‘Hoodwinked’
Y6 Production
  • Please keep learning lines. No scripts on stage from 23rd June!

Current Homework

  • Homework will be given out each Monday and must  be returned on the following Monday morning
  • Homework will consist of: Reading, Spellings, Grammar book & Maths book.
  • In Year 6, children will be tested on their weekly spellings on a Monday
  • Year 6 must have their home learning books in school every day.
  • PE lessons on a Wednesday but we may go out for extra sessions during the week.