Year 5

Hi, My name is Mrs Hodge and I am the year 5 class teacher and lead English throughout the school. I love working with the children in my class to prepare them for the challenging year ahead.

Year 5 Staff

Mrs C Hodge

  • Senior Leader
  • Teacher

Mrs T Fordham

  • Teaching Assistant


Week 1
Poetry : T.S.Eliot ‘ Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.’
Linguistic features in poetry.
Week 2/3
Non Fiction: Argument and Debate- Should there be CCTV cameras in Classrooms?
Features of argument texts – difference between fact and opinion.
Week 4/5/6
Fiction: Significant Authors – Michael Foreman.
Texts from same author – themes of friendship and closeness to nature.
Week 7
Non Fiction: Reports – The Battle of Troy ( Cross curricular link)
Features of reports
Week 1
Mental multiplication and division; Fractions, ratio and proportion
To identify factors and multiples, find factor pairs.
To revise equivalent fractions; compare and order fractions with related denominators; add and subtract fractions with same or related denominators; multiplying fractions by whole numbers.
Week 2
Written multiplication and division
To use short division to divide 3/4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, including those which leave a remainder; express a remainder as a fraction; use long multiplication to multiply 3-digit and 4-digit numbers by teens numbers.
Week 3
To find the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles and irregular shapes; calculate the perimeter and area of composite shapes; find the volume of a cube or cuboid by counting cubes.
Week 4
Decimals, percentages. Fractions, ratio and proportion;
To understand percentages, relating them to hundredths; equivalences between percentages and fractions, percentages of amounts of money; equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.
Week 5
Number and place value
Equivalent Fractions, improper / mixed numbers, multiplication of whole numbers and fractions
To write dates using Roman numerals
Week 6
Statistics; Measurement; Written multiplication and division; Mental multiplication and division
To find cubes of numbers to 10; draw and interpret line graphs : timetables , 24-hour clock , time intervals; simple fractions; use factors to multiply; solve scaling problems involving measure

Science Living Things Including Animals

·         Humans timeline

·         Growth of babies

·         Growing up

·         Changes in old age

·         Gestation periods

·         Life expectancy

Computing Wikis

·         To write and edit a wiki page, adding images and hyperlinks

·         To create a page for a class wiki using appropriate style, format and content for the target audience

Topic Gods and Mortals: Ancient Greece

·         The Battle of Marathon

·         Greek Gods and Goddesses

·         Myths and Legends

·         The Trojan war

R.E. Christianity and Judaism

·         To understand the rituals of religious life.

·         To recognise the significance of Shabbat to Jews

·         To identify questions to which there are no universally agreed answers

·         To learn about the significant places, rites and rituals of a religious community

·         Creation stories

PSHE Relationships: Knowing myself. Understanding and managing my feelings. Understanding the feelings of others. Transition.

Values: Empathy/Self Belief

MFL French: To describe a person’s characteristics/ To give someone’s nationality in French/ To describe someone using various adjectives/ To be able to name various leisure activities.
P.E. Athletics: Field and track skills

Rounders: Mr Greene

Art /D and T Pottery – Design and model a Greek Pot

Dyeing and Printing – Adinkra fabric dyeing – African textiles

Music Charanga: ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ (cont)

To recognise basic style indicators of Rock music

Current Homework

  • A homework task will be set each Monday and must be given in to be marked on the following Monday morning
  • In Year 5, I will be testing the children during the last week of each half term on words from the National Curriculum Lists.
  • Times tables will be learnt during our maths lessons and will be included within homework tasks.
  • Homework will alternate on a fortnightly basis between CPG English and Maths workbooks, and Homework Journals.



This term we will be having a Final Placement Student working with us in Year 5.