Year 4

In Year 4 we are working to encourage the children’s independence and organisation.


We welcome your support to:

  • Make sure your child arrives on time to school.
  • Maintain excellent attendance
  • Support your child in ensuring that they are fully equipped for the day.
  • Help your child to take responsibility for completing their school jobs.
  • Check that your child is dressed in the correct school uniform and has a full indoor and outdoor PE kit in school each day.
  • Hear your child read regularly and write a positive comment in their diary.
  • Provide a quiet space for your child to do their homework and support when necessary.
  • Talk to your child about their day and encourage them to tell you about their learning.
  • To further develop their independence, encourage your child to discuss any worries that they may have about school with me.


Important dates

  • 26th-28th June – Hudnall Park
  • 1st July – Summer Fayre
  • 4th July – Sports Day
  • 6th July – Open Evening
  • 21st July –  2pm Finish

Year 4 Staff

Miss T Ardley

  • Teacher

Mrs S Tilbury

  • Teaching Assistant


Poetry Appreciation:
• Read extract from “The ballad of Reading gaol” by Oscar Wilde.
• Re-tell the story from the extract, focusing on creating a mood or atmosphere using characters actions and imagery.
• Perform the poem
Classic Stories:
• Oliver Twist – Charles Dickens.
• Write character descriptions to provoke sympathy or dislike in the reader
• Use expanded noun phrases and multi-clause phrases to add interest
Explanation and Instructional Texts:
• Topic link
• Study the features of an instructional text
• Write clear instructions for “How to collect evidence at a crime scene”
• Use formal written methods to solve addition problems involving four digit numbers.
• Use formal written methods to solve subtraction problems involving four digit numbers.
• Use formal written methods to solve multiplication problems involving four digit numbers.
• Use formal written methods to solve division problems involving three and four digit numbers.
• Secure fluency in times tables and division facts for all times tables up to 12X12
Shape, Space and Measure
• Secure our understanding of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes
Science Electricity
• Sort electricity into natural and man made
• Understand and use the components of a simple electrical circuit
• Explain why a circuit must be “closed” to work, and how a switch works
• Understand which materials conduct electricity and which insulate
Topic: Crime and Punishment
• The Roman legal system and how it has influenced the modern day legal system
• Changes in attitude towards crime and punishment from the Anglo-Saxons to the present day.
• Solve a crime mystery, using skills from across the curriculum
• Investigating a variety of historical sources and questioning their reliability.
P.S.H.E: Value of the month, Cosmic Kids Zen Den
P.E: Swimming
Music: Charanga – Glockenspiels 2
D&T: Food and nutrition – layered desserts.
French: Describing animals, and explaining my favourite animals and pets.

Current Homework


  • Homework will be given out each Monday and must  be returned on the following Monday morning
  • Homework will consist of: Reading, Spellings, Grammar book & Maths book.
  • In Year 4, children will be tested on their weekly spellings on a Monday
  • In year 4 we also have Topic themed homework, consisting of a variety of activities, of which the children can choose 4 to complete. This is due in the week before the Summer holidays.
  • PE this term is Swimming, which will be on a Tuesday afternoon.