Year 2

Hi, my name is Miss Rix and I teach in Year 2. I have been at Abel Smith for 2 years now and love the positive and friendly ethos this school has! I love teaching in year 2, we always have lots of fun while we learn important skills.

In year 2 we ensure that the children cover lots of varied and interesting topics which support them in their SATs which we take in the summer term. We organise these so that they are completed in a calm and supportive envirnoment where they feel comfortable to achieve their potential.

Year 2 Staff

Miss C Rix

  • Teacher

Miss C James-Jarvis

  • Teaching Assistant


Term: Autumn 2


Week 1: Traditional Poems for young children – The Owl and the Pussycat

  • Identify the features of a poem.
  • Retell the story.
  • To use rhyming couplets in a poem.

Weeks 1-4: Traditional Tales – The Little Mermaid

  • To retell a traditional tale.
  • To create a storyboard to plan a retelling.
  • To read and find the features of a traditional tale.
  • To compare versions of the same traditional tale.
  • To use past tense to retell a traditional tale.
  • To plan a retelling of a traditional tale.
  • To use past tense to write a retelling of a traditional tale
  • To edit the use of punctuation in my retelling of a traditional tale

Weeks 5 and 6: Postcards and Letters – The Jolly Christmas Postman

  • To find the features of postcards and letters.
  • To read and express opinion about a text.
  • To write a letter to Father Christmas using question words.
  • To write a letter for a purpose based on the letters in a Jolly Christmas Postman.

Handwriting –Cursive script

Phonics – daily group sessions phase 3-6
Guided reading – weekly small group session focussing on HfL Steps


Week 1:

  • To add numbers using partitioning.
  • To subtract using partitioning.
  • To use inverse to check and self-correct.

Week 2:

  • To solve addition word problems.
  • To solve subtraction word problems.
  • To use addition in relation to measures.
  • To subtract in relation to measures.
  • Addition and subtraction word problems.

Week 3:

  • To read scales to measure length.
  • To measure lengths using scales.
  • To estimate lengths.
  • To read scales to measure mass.
  • To measure mass using scales.
  • Measurement word problems.

Week 4:

  • To estimate mass.
  • To use greater than and less than.
  • To compare and order measures.
  • Measurement word problems.

Week 5:

  • Reading and constructing pictograms.
  • Reading and constructing block graphs.
  • Reading and constructing Tally charts.
  • Reading and constructing tables.
  • Interpreting information from graphs.

Week 6:

  • To apply and understand the 2, 5 and 10 xtables.
  • To make equal groups into arrays.
  • To make multiplication statements from arrays.
  • To make division statements from arrays.
  • Use arrays to solve multiplication and division problems


Everyday Materials

  • To sort a range of materials
  • To plan an investigation
  • To record findings from an investigation
  • To evaluate findings from an investigation

Other Areas

Topic: Land Ahoy

This half term we will be studying the geography of oceans and seas in our topic ‘Land Ahoy’

PSHE: – Values Based PSHE – Participation and Giving

R.E.- This half term we will be exploring the Christian celebration of Christmas

P.E.– Dance and team games

Music– This term we will be following the Charanga unit ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’

Art  – Drawing and water colour techniques –  creating a watercolour painting of a river boat


Current Homework

  • Homework will be given out each Monday and must  be returned on the following Monday morning
  • 1-2 Pages CGP set weekly – Alternate weeks Grammar/Maths
  • Weekly spelling lists (given in spelling practise book)
  • Daily reading – recorded in the diary
  • Weekly practise of 2x, 5x and 10x tables
  • PE lessons on a Monday and Wednesday but we may go out for extra sessions during the week.