Year 1

Hello, I am Miss Debnam, I have now been working at Abel Smith for 2 years having completed my schools direct training at the school. I am currently the class teacher in Year 1 and love the job of ensuring the children transition into key stage 1 with a passion for learning, a determination to always try their best and a love for coming to school every day! I strive to make school fun, engaging and purposeful to every individual in my class.

Year 1 Staff

Miss A Debnam

  • Teacher

Mrs J Byrne

  • Teaching Assistant




Pattern, Rhyme and Repetition

·         To find rhyming patterns and rhyming couplets within a poem.

·         To write a poem about an action – skipping.

Fantasy stories – Superheroes

·         Exploring fantasy genres

·         Looking at creating new settings and characters that are not based on reality.

·         Writing a complete story.

Information Texts

·         Creating lists using bullet points

·         Differentiated between fact and fictional information

·         Writing about the weather

Handwriting- Pre-Cursive script.



·         Finding half and a quarter of given quantities and shapes

·         Applying addition and subtraction skills to word problems

·         Count up in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s

·         Find more and less than given numbers

·         Counting up to and over 100

Shape, Space and Measure

·         Begin to measure length, height and capacity

·         Recognising coins and notes and their monetary values

Science Seasonal Change

·         Knowing the four seasons

·         Weather types associated with each season

Computing Starting Research

·         Researching safely and accessing information through technology.

·         Presenting fund information using Microsoft word or power point.

Topic Weather Experts

·         Learning about seasonal weather

·         Weather around the world

·         Weather forecasts

·         Extreme weather

R.E. Religious Books

·         Books that belong to different religions

·         Why are books important to us and others?

P.E. Swimming

A range of floating techniques

Different strokes

Music Ocarina

Miss Todd music specialist instrumental teacher

Current Homework


  • A homework task will be set each Monday and must be given in to be marked on the following Monday morning
  • In Year 1, I will be testing the children during the last week of each half term on words from the 100 high frequency list for the Year 1 age range.
  • Times tables will be learnt during our maths lessons and will be included within homework tasks.
  • Homework will alternate on a fortnightly basis between English, Maths and Topic.